Cosmetic Dentistry


You should be proud to smile

Whether it’s crowns, veneers, bonded composites, or something else, we can figure out what it takes to give you a smile you’re happy with. When you ask for an esthetic evaluation, we take the time to come up with a plan that fits your goals and resources.

Many esthetic procedures include an esthetic wax-up so you can see what your teeth will look like before we cut anything, and often we can do an esthetic revitalization with minimal or no prep. Our local dental lab fabricates excellent restorations, so you’ll be proud to show off your new smile.

Some patients don’t want to change everything, and find that they can be much happier with just a little bit. We can help you figure out exactly what will achieve your goals and get you feeling more confident. Sometimes it’s a simple as changing the contour of a couple of teeth to dramatically change the appearance of the smile.