It’s a pleasure to meet you

A thorough examination gives us an opportunity to meet you, discuss your treatment goals, and get a feel for your needs. This also gives you a chance to meet the doctor, ask any questions about your oral health, and get a feel for our office.

We will take any x-rays that are needed, especially if you have any specific concerns. If you have x-rays from a previous office, we would be happy to receive those and evaluate them.

We check the area around the head and neck, including inside the mouth, and look for anything unusual, like tumors or bumps that shouldn’t be there.

A thorough evaluation of the gums comes next, determining the need for periodontal therapy. A recommendation is made accordingly, either for cleaning, or referral to a periodontist. We don’t typically do a cleaning on the first visit because we want to focus on evaluation and treatment planning.

Finally, we check the teeth and look for any cavities, evaluate occlusion, and come up with a plan for keeping your mouth healthy long after we’ve completed treatment.