You can have your teeth back

The age of implant dentistry is here to stay, and implants have been refined and become very predictable. Implants are an amazing way to replace missing teeth. From single tooth implants, to replacing multiple teeth with implant bridges, implants give patients their teeth back that function amazingly well.

Some patients are deterred by the cost of implants, and they are certainly not anything to be taken lightly, but many patients don’t realize all of the options available for implants. Implants can often be used to great effect with removable prosthetics to gain stability and eliminate the need for clasps.

For patients with complete dentures, implants can often be placed in the lower arch to gain a great deal of stability. They often can be the difference between tolerating a lower denture, to being able to eat just about anything they want again.

There are a range of options that implants can give, and many patients are implant candidates without even realizing it. We work closely with our local oral surgeon to have the implants placed and then restored in our office.