After your appointment, you may have soreness, swelling, or some bleeding, all of which are normal, and should heal in a few days. Some procedures require more instruction than others. For any further questions about post-operative care following surgery or extractions, click here to learn more

Cavity Prevention

Modern methods of cavity prevention have progressed further than simply not eating sugar, though that is still an important component. While brushing and flossing remain important for both tooth and gum health, there are chemical components to our cavity prevention protocol as well. Click here to learn more

Emergency Services

Our practice can handle most any dental emergency except for major facial trauma, and even that is something we can recommend an excellent oral surgeon for. For toothaches, chipped teeth, and facial pain of any origin, we can often see patients the same day. For dental trauma, it is especially important to be seen immediately. Our focus is to get patients out of pain, and we will make space for patients that have pain and would like to see us.